Thursday, 15 October 2009

my 24 hours energetic skills ~

finally ... dis week n last week i slept very very late . about 5 to 6 am ony sleep . y ?? watchin drama lo ... almost everyday also like dat . i think my time table oledi mess up ...

dunno whether its confirm o not . will giv u all a news after tomorrow ?

gonna get more rest ... its a gud thing dat even though i always sleep late but i dun hav panda eyes... now is 4am . shall i sleep now ?

bout 1 year plus din touch de audi ... finally i touch back !! using nub acc somore ~~ seldom use my main de liao ~~~ argh !!! my mission fail . promised to myself said dat i wun touch any on9 games anymore !! but ....

at least i can tahan for not playin bout 1 year plus ??

ok . goin to stop here . day after tomorrow ony will share the news . bbuai <3333


  1. lol~wun bcom panda very geng meh??
    sleep earlier plz..
    good for ur health la~

  2. day after long pass de... where's the news?

  3. the news is freaking very interesting !! i shall share wit u if i meet u next time ! lol !!

    a very very gud experience . wat can i say is like dat . lol ..