Thursday, 15 October 2009

my 24 hours energetic skills ~

finally ... dis week n last week i slept very very late . about 5 to 6 am ony sleep . y ?? watchin drama lo ... almost everyday also like dat . i think my time table oledi mess up ...

dunno whether its confirm o not . will giv u all a news after tomorrow ?

gonna get more rest ... its a gud thing dat even though i always sleep late but i dun hav panda eyes... now is 4am . shall i sleep now ?

bout 1 year plus din touch de audi ... finally i touch back !! using nub acc somore ~~ seldom use my main de liao ~~~ argh !!! my mission fail . promised to myself said dat i wun touch any on9 games anymore !! but ....

at least i can tahan for not playin bout 1 year plus ??

ok . goin to stop here . day after tomorrow ony will share the news . bbuai <3333

Tuesday, 22 September 2009

a long nap ...

basically today whole day i slept inside my rm .

morning fetch my mom to work . den start my sleeping activity till 3pm. din attend for table tennis .. just bcos im very tired . damn fking tired .

although now still very tired ... but ... cant nonstop sleeping rite ?

gonna look for something to do . now the time is 6:20pm ..

time for me to fetch my mom back from work . after dat dinner wit her den chiao to sleep again .

my tuesday ... wasted .

still looking for the chance .


Monday, 21 September 2009

tiring ....

its very very tiring ... dunno y .

reach home at 5:38am , n i tot i can sleep well after i drink so much alcohol .. too bad i cant sleep . although my mind oledi crushed... mayb something is bothering me rite now... made me keep thinkin of dat problem ..

Monday, 13 July 2009

august !!!

my job ends on 21st august .... comin soon ....

shall i continue teachin same scul ? or teach at my primary scul ?

dunno there got place for me o not ... lol .....

shall i ??

shall i gib my msn to her ??

lol .....

Monday, 22 June 2009

difficult to make a decision ??

erm .... actually im a people who r rly hard to make a decision. some people said guys always " po po ma ma " , n some said girls . well .... havin lots of choices will make u confuse on how to decide actually . so we always used too much time to think bout which choice is the best.

for an example ... if ur gf/bf betrayed u . wat will u do ? choose 1 eye close or to leave ?

r u the 1 who always havin a difficult to make a decision too ? lol ....

Sunday, 21 June 2009

Just for Comments

firstly i will say hi to those people who reading dis blog.

i made dis blog cos i found out people who read my main blog they cant leave a comment to me. so i have to cr8 another blog for dis purpose.

1 thing i would like to say is ... i dunno whether i can post my question here o not. sometimes i hav lots of question to ask but i dunno who i can ask. lol .. another purpose to cr8 dis blog. so i hope after i cr8 dis will hav some people come n giv me some comments .

i will still write in my main blog. here is just for me to share out my true feelings. so that my frens or other people can know me well.

spread it out to other people also. even stranger also i will welcome as long as can leave a comment to me . feel free to leave comments.